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Bridgerton is Back: Exploring the Fashion of the Beloved Characters

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The new season of Bridgerton is here after months of waiting since the announcement was made in December last year. And fans are getting excited, with Google witnessing an increase in searches for ‘Bridgerton’ between March 13th–19th. It’s no surprise though, given that the series has won the hearts of many with a viewership of 82 million households on Netflix. Based on its total watch time on the streaming platform, Bridgerton is on its way to becoming the second-most watched show.

So in the spirit of celebrating the second season of Bridgerton, we will explore the fashion in the popular drama and how it represents the characters.

The Bridgertons

In case you needed a recap, the Bridgertons are a powerful dynasty, with the story following the eldest daughter Daphne’s search for love in London in the early 1800s.

Costume designer Ellen Mirojnick was inspired by colour palettes from the 1950s and 1960s, despite the show being set in the preceding century. However, the colours in these periods were similar, although peach, lavender were the popular choices during the regency period. But the different hues that we see in each family’s wardrobe represent hidden meanings. Pale colours like blues, greens, and silvers are prominent the wardrobe of the Bridgertons – and the most common blue worn in the family is Wedgwood Blue, according to production designer Will Hughes-Jones. But these powdery hues are specifically used to reflect the class and standing of the family. Wedgwood Blue in particular was common in English fine china during this time period, so the colour is used to support this symbolism.

For the dresses, the distinctive silhouette of the regency period was accurate. But to support the unique aesthetic of the show, some twists were incorporated, such as the exaggerated use of trimmings and textiles. This feature was not common in the regency era, but it adds a dramatic effect to symbolise the beloved chaos that keeps us on the edge of our seats.

Fans of the show can incorporate the style into their clothing with a modern twist. Simply opting for pastel-coloured clothes or accessories will undoubtedly channel your inner Daphne Bridgerton.

The Featherington’s

Wearing the most vivid colours in Bridgerton is the Featheringtons. While they are a wealthy family, they are not quite as powerful as the Bridgertons, and are certainly not as graceful. And they could be considered the villains of the show, although the whole family isn’t necessarily bad.

Bright shades of yellow, pink, and green are regularly worn by the Featherington family, with Portia, the mother, setting the tone by ensuring that she and her daughters noticed. And, of course, these bold colours are quite the opposite of the Bridgertons’ colour palette, and this was a purposeful move by the show’s costume designer. Despite being upper-class, the family are considered to be outsiders – so the vivid colours that we see aim to represent this, as well as their new money.

But the two families have one thing in common when it comes to their clothing, and that’s the scooped necklines. Bridgerton is more fun and playful than the typical period drama, so Mirojnick wanted to flaunt this by choosing scooped necklines to show more skin than a straight or high neckline would. 

If Featherington fashion is more up your street, incorporating daring shades will certainly show your admiration for their style into your outfits. Perhaps lilac women’s leather handbags paired with a bright green outfit will be the perfect combination for you.

Simon Basset & Daphne Bridgerton

The news that the character of Simon Basset would not be returning in the second season of Bridgerton was heart breaking for fans. Nevertheless, he remains an iconic character in the show. And despite arriving in England to settle his father’s affairs with no interest in romance, he falls for Daphne Bridgerton and soon marries her.

Simon can regularly be seen sporting looks with red and gold to symbolise his royalty, and sometimes dark shades to reflect his troubled past. And of course, Daphne’s wardrobe consists of many quiet colours, with blue dominating. But interestingly enough, once the two are officially married in the final episode of the first season, Daphne is seen on screen wearing a purple gown – a mix of her family’s most frequent colour, blue, with Simon’s being red. This was no accident, however, and was intended to represent their lives blending together and the start of their own family.

While one of Simon’s signature colours was a more popular choice in the late 1800s, the purple shade of Daphne’s attire was one of the fashionable colours for the era in which Bridgerton was set. So, perhaps incorporate lavender shades into your outfits to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the show.

Bridgerton has got many people hooked, whether it’s due to the extravagant fashion that we admire, or simply watching the drama unfold. But we can all be thankful that it is gracing our screens again, so we can enjoy its gorgeous period fashion sense for a second time. Which character are you most excited to see return?

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