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How To Pick The Perfect Engagement Ring

If you are lucky enough to have found the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with then it might be time to start looking for a ring to put on that finger. Choosing an engagement ring used to be pretty simple and only required a couple of questions such as “emerald or princess cut?” or “white gold or yellow?”. Nowadays, there are many more options to choose from and there’s a lot more to consider in terms of when, where and how you are going to buy your engagement ring. In this article, we will go through some simple tips on how to pick the perfect engagement ring.

Don’t Follow The Current Trend

One thing that should be known early on is trends come and go, so what may be in style now, probably won’t be in a couple of years. An engagement ring should be a timeless and classic symbol of your eternal love for one another. A trick is to find the perfect stone for your future fiance that you know she will love as this is going to be on their finger forever. If you are struggling to grasp an idea, you can look at her existing jewellery to see what would suit her style. Take note whether they are minimalistic with their designs or are they maximalist. This will help to determine the styles that you should be looking at.

The Stone Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect On Paper

Diamonds are classed by their colour, carat, cut and clarity which is also commonly known as the 4C’s. The thing is, as long as it isn’t really bad, nobody can actually tell by eye and it should only be part of your decision as you don’t need a D flawless stone to make a perfect engagement ring for your fiance. A diamond should be judged on how it makes you feel more than the GIA grading which goes from D-Z. It can start as a standing point but not the be-all and end-all.

Size Does Not Matter

When it comes to rings, size doesn’t matter and it should definitely not be the thing that you fixate on when picking an engagement ring unless your future fiance likes a big rock but doesn’t care about the quality. If they do prefer a larger ring, then they may want to choose a larger stone but emphasize less on the colour and clarity. There is much less pressure to get the largest stone you can get like Art Deco Engagement Rings back in the day with as more people are now wanting more pieces that are an extension of personality meaning that someone may not want a large ring.

Know Where The Stone Came From

People are much more conscious of what they buy, wear and eat so it is no surprise that it should be something you ask your jeweller. There are mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds which both have their own issues. But purchasing a sustainable diamond is another great way to show that you care about what she believes in. Get all the information down on paper though as you will want to let her know how special and sustainable the ring is.

Think About The Setting You Want

Once you have decided on a ring, it is now time to start looking at a beautiful setting for it. You never want to underestimate the setting as you need to think of it like this. The diamond is the art and the setting is the frame, so you want something that resonated with your future fiance and then go from there. This is where you can bring some of your personality as you can be bold or minimalist as you want. At the end of the day, you need to think about what she will like and something that will go with her style. You just know it will all be worth it when you see that little face glow when you are down on one knee. The best way to do this is to speak to a professional that you trust and talk to them about what you are after, this way they can guide you through the process.

Don’t Stress About The Cost

The depression brought many things, there was a piece of advertisement that said you should spend one month’s salary to buy an engagement ring. By the ‘80s it jumped up to two months and now it is thought that you should spend around 3 months salary on an engagement ring.

The thing is, it really doesn’t matter how much you spend on a ring as long as you have taken the time to think about the design and the proposal. It’s not like they are going to ask how much it was. Some women prefer a smaller or less expensive diamond so take everything into consideration when choosing. Good luck!

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