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Best Tips for Merchandising and Point of Sale Displays


Each business will require a different personalised setup for their merchandising. This will depend on space and product type. In most cases, you will benefit from having various display products to promote your business and enable your space to become aesthetically pleasing.

Acrylic Sheet Display

The best material for your display, regardless of specifications, is acrylic sheet. Acrylic is essentially a type of plastic. It has many benefits – as an alternative to glass, it’s shatter-proof, durable, sustainable and easily customizable due to the fact it can be moulded. In addition, acrylic is cheaper than glass and is therefore a cost-efficient option for your business merchandising!

It’s important for your display products to last – not only for environmental benefits but so your business looks top notch while you display your branding. The last thing you want is for it to look worn or sun-damaged. In comparison to additional alternatives, acrylic has amazing weathering properties, avoiding damage to the product.

Vertical Sign Holders

Vertical sign holders can hold a practical purpose as well as a branding purpose. These holders can be seen on counters or restaurant and cafe tables, holding anything from tickets, pamphlets and menus. They are eye-catching for people who are waiting in line or purchasing at the counter. For instance, you may have noticed vertical sign holders at the counter at theatre shows or cinemas, advertising additional shows. This then encourages customers to purchase tickets for the future or even just spark interest for them to purchase at a later date.

Acrylic Card Display Stands

While vertical sign holders often hold individual pieces of paper, acrylic card display stands hold multiple sheets of paper or products for guests to take away with them. These often have multiple tiers to help make use of space as well as easily reveal product or paper. CD’s, records and greeting cards are often displayed on this type of acrylic product in stores.

Covid-19 Acrylic Sheet Sneeze Guards

With the spread of Covid-19, you have probably come in contact with Covid sneeze guards made from acrylic plastic. While these are mandatory for some countries or scenarios, these can benefit your business greatly by reducing the spread of the virus and therefore the chance of your place of business needing to close for a period of time. The small investment is worth it to help prevent your employees from catching it and spreading it to additional workers. Sneeze guards are easy to set up and take down if rules do change. They are also customisable to size, and have the availability of cut out sections for eftpos machines and other items.

Acrylic Display Boxes Or Cases

If you’d like to put actual items on display as opposed to paper products or signs, then acrylic display boxes or cases are the solution. This not only makes it clear an item is purposefully placed as merchandise or to be viewed as a display, but it protects it from being damaged or taken. Screwing the acrylic case or box down will hold in place. Whether you are setting up a display area in store for summer items for sale, or you are curating a window display, or even just want to show your branding, these cases can be creatively utilised.

Acrylic Wall Displays and Wall Sign Holders

A fashion store, office or additional space without any items on the wall feels bland and sterile. When people walk into your business space, you need them to instantly feel a positive emotion. This is crucial in order to encourage them to become customers or repeat customers. You can opt for beautiful paintings, photos or prints, or branding and informative display items. Acrylic display sheets in the form of sign holders or sign mounts are the perfect professional touch to printed or paper items. In addition, they protect the items from damage. It’s recommended to utilise this material to avoid appearing unprofessional with blue-tac or other alternatives.

If your display space is small or you are short on counter space, wall displays are also a perfect alternative to promote your business or hold required information and brochures. There are many different options available such as acrylic shelves, flat bottom holders and tiered designs to stack large amounts of items. Adding labeling can help guide guests in quickly finding the information they are seeking.

Brochure Display Holders

The purpose of brochure holders is in the name. These are specifically designed for brochures, not signs or additional items. There are different designs of these holders – single pocket, two-tiered, three-tiered, four-tiered, wall-mounted, and even customised options.

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