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Top Tips For Making Your Guest Room More Inviting

Having guests round to stay can be an exciting and enjoyable experience until you realise that your guest room s full of your clothes and anything that shouldn’t be in there is in there. It’s great making sure your visitors feel warm and welcome, so you are going to have to get in that room and give it a makeover. When you look at planning your guest room, start thinking about what you would expect in a 5-star hotel, or at least the best hotel that you have been in. Your budget may not be able to cover all areas, but there are certainly some areas you can’t miss. In this article, we will go through some of the top tips for making your guest room more inviting. 

Provide a Comfortable Bed

If you don’t already have a bed in your guestroom, then this is going to be the first thing that you do. Obviously, you need a bed for your guests. Obviously don’t give them the lumpiest old mattress for them to sleep on, instead, you can find a quality second-hand mattress. There are other alternatives to this, if you have an old mattress that has seen better days, then applying a topper can give it a new life. Alternatively, if you don’t have a bed or mattress, you can purchase an air bed. These are comfortable and come relatively cheap compared to the other options. 

Upgrade Your Bedding

If you don’t need to buy a new bed, then having some luxurious bedding is always a nice touch and ensures a good night’s sleep. Having a beautiful bed set is going to completely transform a room. Ensure that you have colours that match the room as this will help to make the room more uniform. If you live in a cold environment, weighted blankets are a great option for helping your guests stay warm throughout the night as well as offer a range of sleep benefits. 

Make Room For Luggage

Your guests are going to have some sort of luggage. Whether this is just a weekend bag or a suitcase, you need to have a place for them to store it whilst they are at yours. This could be done in a range of ways. You could have a luggage rack where they can put everything away. Alternatively, you could have a small table where they can place their suitcase under. As long as there is somewhere for them to put their suitcase off the floor, this will be a nice addition. 

Brighten The Room Up

If there is one thing that hotels do badly, it’s allowing enough lite into the room so people can see what they are doing. Having a range of lights in the room will give your guests enough options so they can either read, chill in bed watching tv or get dressed in the morning. There are many types of lights available, but ensuring there is something near the bed for them to use if they need the toilet at night is essential. 

Clean The Wardrobe Out

If you have a wardrobe in your guest room, the chances of it being clean and empty are slim. To help your guests feel comfortable, allow them space in the wardrobe. This could also be where they store their suitcase when they have all their clothes hanging up neatly. Nobody likes living out of a suitcase, so why would you let them? At the end of the day, you want them to feel at home, and having their clothes all hung up will definitely make them feel more at home. If there is no space for this, you could have a hook on the door so that they can hang their coats or anything they bring with them. 

Make Some Draw Space

If you don’t have a wardrobe, you may have a set of drawers that they can put their clothes in. This can also be used as a TV stand if you have one too. By having somewhere to place their clothes will ensure that they can set the room how they like. If you already have a set in the room, empty it. You and your guests are not going to want to find anything embarrassing in them when they come to open it. 

There are many ways in which you can make your guestroom more inviting. Keeping it simple by giving the room a fresh lick of paint and having matching soft furnishing can completely transform a room into something more livable. Adding a couple of recommendations to the guestroom will ensure that your guests have a restful night’s sleep. 

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