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Notice To Customers, This Netflix Scam Is Becoming Popular Around The World

New attempt at Netflix scam on the network, this time being detected by users around the world as a result of Netflix . The most popular streaming movie and series reproduction service has suffered a phishing attack that manifests itself through an email sent to the company’s clients .

The rise of cybercrime continues to do its thing, trying to steal personal information and bank details and then take advantage of it. A very common scam that in recent days is looking at Netflix, trying to deceive its consumers with a payment allegedly not collected by the company.

Specifically, the email registered by several users pretends to be one of those sent by the platform, in addition to citing the email address of the person who receives it to show greater reliability. “We were unable to authorize your payment, therefore we have suspended the automatic renewal of your membership. Your current subscription will no longer be active next month,” the message states.

Netflix scam

In addition, adding a link that leads to the fraudulent url where the data is stolen, the email continues to incite the user to “press the button below and update their payment method … otherwise, the plan will be given low “.

It is at the moment in which such page is accessed, which continues to look like Netflix except for the detail that the url is not the original one , when to provide the indicated information, cybercriminals seize them for their later benefit. Among these data that are requested is the name and surname, as well as the bank account with which they will later make payments at the expense of the scammed.

What do I do to avoid the Netflix scam?
To combat this type of phishing, the police authorities always advise to distrust any mail that requires entering personal and bank information, as well as to contact the company involved to verify the process. In addition, it is advisable to delete the email to avoid clicking on the fraudulent url for some mistake.

On the other hand, in case of falling into the scam, it is best to quickly contact the bank to block the account and cancel any possible charge . Reporting the incident to the police is the other big step in trying to recover the stolen money, in case charges have already been made on behalf of the scammed.

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