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Why do you need the concrete compression testing machine?

concrete compression testing machines

The strength and stability of Houses or any other constructions depend on the materials used. Hereby, the concrete materials need to undergo tests. The tests ensure that the concrete is fit for the use of construction. If, it is built in an accurate ratio or not. To test the strength of the concrete compression testing machine, it has the main role to play. This machine basically utilizes hard and compressive force to load different types of concrete materials which are of varying structural strength and finesse.

The testing of concrete is done by collecting specimens from sites. Tests done the result is taken after the specimen gardens, the materials are taken together and cured. After curing, specimens are collected to the laboratory from the construction sites. These machines are used for different testing programs, and they can deal with samples of various sizes and dimensions.

Concrete compression testing machines work in determining compressive strength. The strength varies from commercial to residential structures. The machines can easily find out the compressive strength of the structure. If it has provided the required proportion for achieving the required strength.

For residential structures, the strength is 2500 psi for the residential ones, while higher for the commercial buildings. It is the reason the testing machines play an important role, in the construction of concrete structures. You can conduct the test then check the data and decide about which concrete will be more suitable accordingly.

What are the ways of compression tests?

It can be a small structural building or a bridge in all cases the testing of the materials can restrict damages to mankind. Safety and stability both are the matter of concern for which the concrete compression testing machines provide achievement assurances.

Different methods of concrete compression testing machines are as follows:

Rebound Hammer

A hammer forces to drive a plunger into the collected specimen, the concrete. It is done, through a spring that moves or releases to activate the hammer for hitting onto the concrete.

The rebounding distance is calculated and ranges in value between 10 to 100. It is the measurement taken from the values. It is based on the calculation on which the concrete strength is calculated from the values.

Penetration Resistance test

The name itself describes the compression method. It is a process in which the device is inbuilt in the machine. A pin-like device that forces it to strike deep into the concrete surfaces. You should know the sample types and strengths before you conduct the test. Along with that, checking the compatibility is also very important. There are various compression machines, but you need to choose the best ones accordingly.

Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity

It is one of the common processes to determine concrete compressions. The process helps in determining the velocity of the vibration. The pulse of the vibration is used to measure the resistance and elasticity. It is responsible for the deformation or stress, as well as density.

Pullout test

This process uses metal to pull the concrete from the cast in place or post-installed concrete. The compressive strength is calculated by the applied force and the pulled conical shape.

Drilled Core

Hard concretes can be tested through the drilled core. This concrete compression testing machine can extract the concrete from the settled and dried slab

Wireless maturity sensors

The concrete strength is calculated by putting the wireless sensors in the formwork. The temperature changes are recorded by the sensor devices. And then, it is uploaded in an app through a device. With the recorded temperature, the compressive strength is calculated with the help of the application.

These are some of the methods of concrete compression testing machines. It helps in determining the strength and compression of concretes. 

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