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Welcome to the Lifestyle page of Ankeny Daily.  Lifestyle to us means everything that makes your life the way you like it?  What is it that makes you you?  If you have exciting ideas than let us know and we will write them on our Lifestyle pages.  Lifestyle articles will range from how you dress and decorate your hole to where you go at the weekends, what you like to eat and the films that you like to watch. How do you define your lifestyle? We define lifestyle as, the interests, opinions, behaviours, and behavioural orientations of an individual, group, or culture.

What are your favourite books or places to travel?  What do you think about the latest news around the world?  What do you think the latest trends are that have happened since a year of Covid and lockdown?

Here are a few lifestyle choices of the team here at Ankeny Daily.  We are seeing a huge interest in walking that has happened amongst the staff here.  Everyone is loving getting outside and being in the fresh air – and of course even better it is free.  Cooking is popular as ever and a new series of Bake Off always gets the team comparing recipes.

Travel is back on the agenda at the moment and we have seen holidays to Mallorca, Greece, Dubai and Madeira , as well as Portugal and Ibiza.  Everyone who has travelled has agreed it’s worth the extra hassle just to be back to normal.

Exercise is the big news with their being a real focus on self-care following a year of illness and terror about getting the dreadful Covid and seeing if you are the unlucky one who has a really bad time with this strange illness.

So if you are fascinated by lifestyle ideas and themes than keep checking out out lifestyle page and see what we are posting to keep you amused and abreast with the latest trends.