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This blog has a directory of design news and articles from around the world. It offers design news and articles about architecture, furniture, art, graphics, and more. Design News from Ankeny daily tried to encompass design around the world and offers the latest design news and articles about fashion, interior decor, architecture, furniture, art, graphics, and more.

Fashion Design

If you are looking to find out more about the latest Fashion design news then we always do our best to try to find the relevant content to keep you in the loop. From the most recent events to rock the fashion world like the death of fashion icon Thierry Mugler to all about the uniqueness of Thierry Mugler clothing, how he designed and who wore his clothes.

Interior Decor

Are you wanting to know how your kitchen should be decorated in 2022?  Do you need the up to date trends for what your bathroom tiles should look like or how Kelly Hoppen thinks your lounge should look this year?  We would love you to send us your interior Design guest posts to help our journalists to keep this interior decor section as up to date as possible.

Graphic Design, Art, Architecture & Furniture Design

The world of design changes so quickly in every category.  We love the funky world of graphic design and typography, but what is the trending forecast in this area right now? From modern art to renaissance classics, we are always happy to learn more about the most high profile artists of the day and what their thoughts are on the future.  We are also looking for more articles to help our readers learn about the up and coming world of NFT’s and how to spot something that is going to soar in value.