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Top Storage Tips for Businesses

Storing items efficiently within business smooth lines processes so employees can instead spend time where it matters, bringing in extra revenue. These items should be easy to find and easy to access as well as put away. And when it comes to the heavier items, these should be stored safely. Here, we will dive into storage tips for businesses that keep large amounts of stock or items and are struggling with their current storage system.

Store heavy duty items appropriately with cantilever pallet racking shelving

Neglecting to store heavy and large items can not only damage the items to the point of no return when they fall, but more importantly, it can either seriously injure or even kill employees. It is key to follow safety standards and fortunately, specialised heavy duty storage items follow these guidelines. You will enable peace of mind that you are significantly reducing the chances of anything dangerous occuring.

Warehouse pallet racking shelving system is the most efficient and popular form of storage for heavy and large items. Pallet racking is essentially rows of metal shelving in tiered levels. This means forklifters are often required to place items away, move them and retrieve them to be used or shipped out. The material is strong enough to withstand weight, however, when purchasing the pallet racking, ensure you look into the details of weights and only store items within these limits.

Purchase warehouse industrial steel or metal shelving

Additional warehouse industrial style shelving is useful to store smaller items and avoids needing to invest in forklift or forklift licenses. This style of shelving is appropriate for offices, warehouses and garages, and has smaller space between each shelf so you can easily place items away and reach them when you need them. Warehouse industrial shelves are durable and can withstand heavy loads, although certainly not as much as the pallet racking shelving system. Always ensure that you double check weight limits and conform to these as well as the safety standards laid out. Often companies will help advise you on the best shelving system for you, especially if you are storing large amounts of goods.

Optimise storage with workbenches

For workshops with smaller spaces, the best option is to optimise on storage with workbenches that include storage. Having just one shelf below your workspace can help remove items out of harm’s way in an orderly fashion. It’s recommended that you store items you often use at your workspace in order to save time walking to retrieve items.

Enable organization with storage bins or additional elements

Even if you have an efficient shelving system in place, if you don’t store smaller items in a sufficient manner, the workplace will be a dissarat and items will become lost or broken. All in all, a significant amount of time will be wasted retrieving things you need. Whether you choose to have a cabinet, desks, storage bins, or draws, organising items will help enable a fully functioning workplace. For businesses who don’t have a set up with desks and cabinets, and for those who hold large quantities of goods, investing in storage bins to place throughout the warehouse industrial shelving will directly avoid challenges within the workplace.

Instilling a system that makes sense for your business and its daily tasks is important here, otherwise you are defeating the ultimate goal of streamlining your business operations. This means placing those items that aren’t frequently used in harder to reach areas and placing frequented items in easily accessible areas. For instance, you may store a popular soap in a storage bin at the beginning of your industrial warehouse shelves, and the least popular soaps at the end of the aisle or at the back of the popular items.

Label items

Labelling is an additional step you can take so that employees, regardless of experience, know where items are located. Storage bins are often difficult to see through and therefore, labels encourage workers to skim through all the labels until they find the keyword they are looking for. Sticky labels can be used, however, the more efficient option is magni labels. Magni labels are  essentially magnetic labels that stay placed on steel or metal shelves and are viable to be moved in the likely scenario you move items and reorganise your system. This form of labeling is highly recommended as often, businesses may get new products or stock which requires moving goods from one location to another.

It’s important to remember the storage solutions for you will depend on industry, personal business processes and your location size and layout. Cantilever pallet racking shelving systems, industrial warehouse shelves, storage bins and labels are all some options you can incorporate into your system.

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