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How to maintain a healthy work environment

healthy work environment

A healthy work environment is first and foremost crucial for the wellbeing of individuals, but it actually has positive effects on business, output and revenue. Happy workers. Happy clients or consumers. It all links together – satisfied workers will create higher quality work at a faster rate, and those paying you will appreciate it. This all leads to a more profitable business. Win, win. Let’s take a look into how you can maintain a happy work environment and therefore  boost productivity within the workplace.

The resulting productivity from implementing a positive workplace culture will prepare you for inevitable challenges down the road. This element is crucial given the current circumstances in the world. Being productive and on top of scheduled work will mean your team is available to jump straight into counteracting challenges that could threaten success within the business. 

Implement fluid communication between employees

Communication is key. When you have effective communication between workers, it minimises miscommunication that can essentially cause mistakes in the work produced as well as create hostility between individuals. Communication directly improves employee relationships. In addition, it boosts productivity by minimising the amount of back-and-forth, and length of wait-times. In fact, productivity increases by up to 25 percent when workers are connected through communication.

Fortunately, technology is advanced and nowadays, there are platforms which help enable easy communication. There is a huge range, so we recommend choosing platforms best suited to your industry, and instill them as universal workplace communication portals for specific scenarios. 

Include flexibility in your structure

Even just the suggestion that flexibility is allowed will bring a sigh of relief to most people, removing impending stress before they’ve even reached complex work. Flexibility can help in many circumstances. Kids, traffic, mental health and more – when challenges crop up in these areas, employees can’t produce their best work 9-5 at a set location.

Incorporating flexibility utilises employees working at their best, as opposed to stressing about little sleep from waking up early to skip traffic, or stressing about childcare. Employees will feel more satisfied with their productivity and this satisfaction works in a round-a-bout way to increase productivity further. 

A key additional benefit is that team members will feel more inclined to remain in the same role as opposed to moving workplaces. The turnover rate can be significantly reduced by incorporating flexibility, avoiding disruptions to the team. 

Streamline document management processes

Document management software company DocSmart Solutions discovered 62% of employees find it more difficult to retrieve important documents when working remotely. 

It’s not as simple as stepping away from your work for a minute to get the information you need. While working remotely, it may take hours before your colleague finishes their project to grab the information and through first-hand experience, it often takes multiple follow ups. 

Modern document management platforms streamline this process so there’s no need to worry about relying on colleagues to pause their work and get back to you. These platforms use technology to file documents into specific groups, with helpful features such as the ability to only allow specific people access. The purpose is to eliminate disruption in the workplace all while ensuring confidentiality. 

Balance the workload. 

When things aren’t balanced, there are bound to be negative results. An overload of stressful or boring work will cause workers to be unhappy overall at their workplace. They won’t get as much done and it will be at a lower quality.That’s why it’s crucial to incorporate some play within the hard work. 

With projects coming up, it may not be possible to choose what is assigned. If this is the case, it could mean mixing things up and varying tasks, or taking workers out for lunch as a reward for  the challenging work. 

Maintaining a happy workplace environment isn’t just crucial for the mental wellbeing of all people connected to the business, but it means employees stick around longer, are more productive, and are dedicated to producing results. 

You may notice the two main results from this analysis – balancing work and play, and incorporating tools that help reduce stress and boost productivity.

Amidst the uncertainty, it’s never been as important to make sure workers are happy and healthy. Once you’re on top of the workplace culture, your business will have a higher chance of standing the test of time. On that note, incorporate these tips and you’ll see your employees flourish.

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