The Housing Law Protects Tenants And Owners And Provides Legal Security

Nadia Calviño, third vice president and minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, said that the Government has managed to convert the Housing Law into a text that “protects tenants and owners and provides legal security . “

For Calviño, instruments directly related to prices cannot be the only answer to the needs of citizens in the area of ​​housing. Specifically, according to the vice president, the important thing is to protect social housing , “so that it is not sold again in the future”; clarify concepts such as large holders and provide greater legal security for both tenants and lessors. However, the text also includes an instrument to avoid the disproportionate rise in prices in the most stressed areas of the city, as Calviño explained in an interview for La Vanguardia .

“It is a balanced project that, as a whole, tries to respond to the different problems, and that necessarily has to be complemented with investments and the rest of our housing policy,” he added.

“Some electricity company has not been in solidarity with the needs of consumers”
Regarding the price of electricity, Calviño has said that there is a constant conversation between the electricity companies and the Government . However, “some company has had a less supportive attitude with regard to the need, among all of them, to find a way to cushion the impact on consumers’ bills.”

On the other hand, the vice president has spoken about the budgets, highlighting the weight they will have on social and productive investment, up to 13.3 billion euros will be allocated to R + D + i and digitization . “These budgets are the key for Spain to take a technological leap and incorporate the necessary investments to advance in the recovery plan,” he explained.

For this, a large part of the budget will go to SMEs. Specifically, 3,000 million euros will go to small businesses to acquire digital solutions “essential to compete in today’s world.”

According to Calviño, these budgets are also destined, to a large extent, to the young population, with record endowments for scholarships, investment in education, the reinforcement of professional training and the promotion of social housing and active employment policies . “The budget clearly bets on investing in structural elements to support young people, both personally and professionally.”

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