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Fine With Which Critics Of New Madrid Central Warn Of What Is To Come

Already with the approval of the Madrid City Council , throughout these days the entrance of the new Madrid Central (now known as Madrid 360 ) is being adapted . A detailed plan by the team of Mayor José Luis Martínez Almeida and against which many detractors have already come out, for feeling “cheated” by what was one of their star measures to reach the consistory. For this reason, these days false fines are being seen warning “of what is to come” that are headed by institutions and political parties such as Vox.

The complete program of Madrid 360, which aims to replace the one rejected by the Madrid Central justice of Manuela Carmena, will try to reduce polluting emissions throughout the municipality of the capital during the next five years. From the Centro district , which was the only point on which the previous consistory focused, to the last limits of the town , passing through the M-30 as a neuralgic aspect , in 2025 all cars without an environmental label will disappear from Madrid.

A plan that from certain sectors is considered negative for the economy of the most vulnerable families , as well as for those who for certain reasons cannot afford a new less polluting vehicle. For this reason, your car (or motorcycle) will no longer be able to enter certain areas of the capital gradually, with 2024 as the deadline for non-residents (for residents it will be the aforementioned 2025).

All despite the fact that during the electoral campaign carried out in 2019, the now mayor promised that if he came to lead the City Council “he would revoke Madrid Central .” Without arguing that there could be a plan to improve it, as he has done, those most critical of his promise are now trumpeting his words, understanding that he has “fooled” them.

The fine carries different signs that ridicule Almeida as well as summarizes the main measures year after year
For this reason, since Madrid 360 was approved, a false fine has been seen in certain cars in the center that warns of what will happen year after year , as well as ridicules Almeida by calling him ” Carmeida “, putting his face on Carmena’s bust or use the phrase of his partner Isabel Díaz Ayuso “freedom or communism” as ” Almeida or freedom .”

This sanction carries the logo of the old Central Madrid , instead of the City Council shield, typifies the 90 euros with which those who have infringed the limits during these years have been fined and it is reflected that the complaint is ” for using the car that cost you so much to buy “, as well as the infraction corresponds to” infringing your freedom “.

Vox, behind the campaign
A movement that from social networks has been promulgated by different groups, among which Vox stands out . The group of the party that Ortega-Smith leads in the City Council has been reflecting during these days the number of false fines that have appeared in the city, as well as insisting on Almeida’s unfulfilled promise, which they constantly criticize for what it will be, in 2022, a reality.

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