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VET Studies With The Most Job Opportunities: Administration, Electronics, Computer Science

It has been a long time since Vocational Training ceased to be seen as a little brother of non-compulsory studies. Furthermore, in 2020 its employability volume exceeded that of the University.

The need for more and more workers with practical training has meant that the demand for professionals trained in VET cycles has continued to rise , as also revealed by a recent study prepared by the Adecco Group in which it has been analyzed which degrees were required in their job vacancies.

According to Adecco data, Vocational Training has become in the last year the most demanded degree in our country with 43% of the offers that require it.

This figure has increased with respect to the previous year when it stood at 38.8%, which supposes to unseat university training as the most required in job offers.

Within the FP, the Middle Grade is the one that has had the best evolution . This is a requirement present in 18% of the offers, more than three percentage points than a year ago. On the other hand, the Higher Degree of FP is present in 22.7% of the vacancies.

Which VET families have more job opportunities
But which VET qualifications receive the most job offers? The range is very wide, and it should be noted first that 47% of these offers for VET do not specify the specific professional family that is needed, only that the person applying for the job has this training.

After this type of offers that do not specify the VET branch, the areas that have received the most job offers are:

  • Administration and Management with 13.7% of the offers
  • Electricity and Electronics 8.9%
  • Installation and Maintenance with 6.3%
  • Mechanical Manufacturing with 5.7%
  • IT and Communications with 3.8%
  • Commerce and Marketing with 3.1%

These six professional specialties account for 41% of the offers that seek candidates with Professional Training.

The rest of the areas that have received a greater number of offers for VET graduates during 2020 have been: Transport and Vehicle Maintenance, Hospitality and Tourism and Health and Chemistry.

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