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Sánchez Promises That Amount Similar To 2018 Will Be Paid In Light

The President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, has shown this Sunday his commitment that consumers “with average consumption” pay throughout the year for electricity “an amount similar and similar to what they paid in 2018.”

This is what he has asserted in an interview with the newspaper El País, where he explained that this commitment can only go through “cushioning” the increase in the wholesale price of the energy market. In the short term, this involves “reviewing the over-profits that electricity companies have”: “We have deducted 650 million euros that were going to go to the electricity bill to transfer them to consumers.”

In addition, the President of the Government has insisted that his Executive is carrying out a series of structural reforms, such as “a firm commitment to renewable energies”, the reduction of VAT on the electricity bill to 10% and “the protection of the most vulnerable consumers with the social shield “.

As for the measures to come in this regard, Sánchez affirms that they have “a project to define a minimum vital consumption precisely in the field of electricity and energy” and that “a sustainability fund for the electricity system” is in the parliamentary process. In addition, he recalled that a parliamentary commission will be created in Congress to gather more proposals in this regard.

What does not seem to be among its set of measures is the United We Can proposal to create a public electricity company: “It is not part of the coalition agreement. Therefore, the Government does not feel concerned by that proposal,” he said.

Meanwhile, the price of electricity remains close to highs and this Sunday will be paid at 128.7 euros per megawatt hour, six euros less than on Saturday. Although it is the third consecutive day of decline, it will once again triple the price of a year ago, ranking as the most expensive Sunday in history in terms of the cost of electricity.

EU funds, for “more jobs” and “better wages”
On the other hand, Pedro Sánchez has pointed out that the funds for economic recovery from the European Union must be transferred “to people’s daily lives” in the form of “more employment, better wages.”

In this sense, he has asserted that 16% of the funds have already been executed, which “will be managed by SMEs, by the social economy, by the self-employed”, although he has defended that there will be other projects that will need the participation of big companies.

In a different vein, Sánchez has shown his willingness to approve the second General State Budgets of his mandate in the coming months, although no further changes are planned at the tax level: “The Government has set up a commission of experts for a tax reform that needs to be done; we are committed to developing it over the next six years. “

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