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Four Pre-Job Interview Details Most Miss

Job interviews are often stressful for anyone for obvious reasons. And not only because of the aspiration to find a job or a better position, but because of the simple fact of not having the situation under control.

Much is said about the most frequently asked questions , the most complicated, or even the strangest seen in an interview, but less than the interviewee can ask or ask.

What to do before a job interview
That’s what Gary Burnison, writer of several personal development books and director of Korn Ferry, a recruiting company, is talking about. According to your point of view there are several things that we can carry out before an interview to have more tickets with which to apply for employment.

  1. Know the history and objectives of the company
    People overlook this point all the time: “They go to the interview without knowing what the company does , ” says Burninson.

Learning as much as possible about the company will always work in our favor: its history, its management team, its current successes and challenges.

  1. Find out who you are meeting with
    When setting up the interview, try to know who you are meeting with. The goal is not just to investigate who they are, but to look for connection points.

If you can’t find anything on the interviewer’s profile, look for hot topics. Perhaps some news from the company itself or the sector in question.

  1. Prepare your own questions
    Preparing some questions on our part will always be good too. Burninson cautions that there will always be a time when the interviewer will say “You have a question.”

At that time, asking for example why they want to expand staff in that position, or something more specific about what they are looking for may be very appropriate.

  1. Put the phone in do not disturb mode
    Burninson ends by reminding that it is important to put the phone in ‘do not disturb’ mode , something that many candidates overlook and that often generates uncomfortable situations.

Focusing on the interview a few minutes before and trying to focus on the advice discussed above can make us look very positive about concentration.

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