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Top Young Entrepreneurs Of 2021 Revealed

With a mission to support the growing number of young entrepreneurial talents, Wise, a global technology company that is building the best way to move money around the world, has identified the 20 most promising young entrepreneurs from across Europe. From Spain, entrepreneurs Alejandro Cañada, Louan Rousseau and Alejandro Sánchez secured a place among the finalists, sneaking into the top 5 of a competition that saw Sweden as a double winner.

Entrepreneurs from 12 countries have been selected as 20 finalists in the 20 Under 20 competition, each challenging the status quo of their sector through innovative products and solutions.

From Spain, the 19-year-old entrepreneurs Alejandro Cañada, Louan Rousseau and Alejandro Sánchez, members of Unigow, have managed to be among the top 5 of the finalists. This platform connects high school students with university students, to help them choose their ideal career.

The 20 award-winning founders present an exciting array of businesses spanning fields ranging from problem solving in the education sector with study support platforms, to empowering young people entering adulthood through work and travel programs.

A trend that grows year after year is respect for the environment and the development of solutions for a sustainable future, from the construction of self-sufficient houses for desert areas to the production of cruelty-free makeup and sustainable fashion. In addition to using Artificial Intelligence and the most advanced technological tools, these young entrepreneurs also bring fun to everyday life with exquisite custom-made cakes and locally produced flavored honey.

This year, this group of the 20 most promising young entrepreneurs between the ages of 16 and 19 has been chosen by a panel of world-class investors and business experts, including Wise co-founder Taavet Hinrikus; Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin Group; the business angel Paola Bonomo and the member of the European Parliament Ond? ej Kova? ík, among others.

The winners selected in this 2021 edition are Ida Johansson (founder of Turn Consulting, which uses AI to revolutionize Gen Z hiring) and Oliver Edholm (founder of Depict, an AI tool for e-commerce), both from Sweden, who have been awarded £ 25,000 to take their business to the next level.

Additionally, 20 Under 20 has recognized the most promising founders in the following three special categories : EdTech (Vagif Aliyev, founder of Snapstudy), GreenTech (Leo Djunbushian, founder of SandSettlers), and Social Enterprise (Rocco Huesch, founder of Fair) , which have received a total budget of 5,000 ?? for personal development activities.

Prizes for these 20 young entrepreneurs include £ 1 million commission-free transfers with Wise Business to expand their businesses across borders, mentoring sessions with business leaders, investors and experts, as well as networking opportunities with other finalists. and judges.

Wise Co-Founder and President of 20 Under 20, Taavet Hinrikus explains: “The determination and creativity of young entrepreneurs is astonishing and this year’s winners of our 20 Under 20 competition prove it once again. Growing a business by International level is no small feat and it can be difficult for young CEOs to find the right people to lean on. To help these bright young talents on their path to growth, we offer them hands-on mentoring sessions as well as the creation of An international network of like-minded innovators – A strong support network is one of the most valuable assets in life as an entrepreneur. I am very excited about what awaits our 20 finalists. “

Alejandro Cañada, Louan Rousseau and Alejandro Sánchez, members of Unigow, explain: “Unigow was born when Alejandro Cañada was about to finish high school, but he still did not know what to study at university. He saw that there were many young people who faced the same problem and decided to launch Unigow. From that moment on, we got together to continue promoting the platform, which connects university students with high school students, to help them make the right decision. “

“Participating in 20 Under 20 is being a very fruitful experience. Presenting our startup to entrepreneurs and investors of the stature of Taavet Hinrikus or Paola Bonomo is a great opportunity. Thanks to this competition we can learn from the best in business and it is incredible to be part of of a community of young founders from all over Europe with whom we share concerns and ambitions “.

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