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Notice Of The Social Security To Self-Employed With Cessation Of Activity

The self-employed who meet the requirements still receive the aid for cessation of activity, one of those approved by the Government for the self-employed sector due to the losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Apart from the amount of the aid, the suspension of payment of Social Security contributions is also contemplated, although sometimes errors occur and the contribution is passed to the self-employed.

The body itself has recognized through its citizen service account on the social network Twitter that there are cases in which, having the right to exemption from the fee for collecting aid for cessation of activity, it has also proceeded to collection of the self-employed fee. In these situations, logically, they have the right to request the return of these amounts unduly collected.

The Social Security has informed that, after the pertinent verification of the data with the mutual of the self-employed, it will proceed “ex officio” to return the money to these professionals. They will only have to wait for the agency to carry out a verification task to confirm that the return has to be carried out.

In fact, the Ministry of Social Security has emphasized in its Twitter profile that the citizen does not have to do anything to get the refund, which confirms and reinforces the message that the error will be quickly corrected.

However, there is in parallel another way to accelerate the return of the payment of badly collected fees. This is the Social Security quota refund service , available electronically through a digital certificate (you can get it in four simple steps ), username + password, Cl @ ve PIN and also via SMS, although in this case the phone must be registered in the Social Security database.

With this service, it is not only possible to request the refund of the fees, since it also allows you to check the status of the request. In addition, it is not only available for the self-employed: it also appears for domestic workers, the Agrarian Regime employed by others and even in special Social Security agreements .

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