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Sánchez’s Trip To Morocco, Borràs Weekly Mail And RTVE Face Lift

Closer to Sánchez’s trip to Morocco?
Although Afghanistan is currently coping, they comment that the normalization of relations with Morocco, after the serious crisis generated by the former minister Arancha González Laya, is the priority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This was advanced by José Manuel Albares himself when he acceded to his new position in mid-July. And, based on what is being said in the department, the Foreign Minister is putting “all his efforts” to build bridges with the Alawite country.

In fact, sources from the Ministry already speak that the first step will be to recover the trip that Pedro Sánchez had planned to make to Rabat and that was postponed at the end of last year. “It is still early to advance anything, but the negotiations are on the right track,” they say in the surroundings of Albares himself, where optimism spreads after the latest statements by Mohamed VI in which he expressed his desire to open a new, unprecedented stage in relations with Madrid.

“We await the imminent return of the Moroccan ambassador to Madrid,” they add from Foreign Affairs. However, in the Ministry they are fully aware that all advances can collapse at any time. “The diplomatic tensions between Algeria and Morocco create uncertainty and may affect our negotiations,” they acknowledge.

The now traditional Borràs mail to its workers
Every Friday the president of the Parliament of Catalonia, Laura Borràs, sends a mass email to the officials of the Catalan Chamber, where she explains the activities carried out during the week. From what is said, this message is usually long and is well received by workers.

But what still amazes the recipients is that Borràs exposes a series of cultural recommendations at the end of the message. “He always comments on literary news. He also talks about new theatrical works or the latest film premieres,” says an employee of the Parliament who, like the rest, is still surprised by Borràs’ interest in the leisure of Catalan Chamber officials.

The face lift that RTVE prepares
They say that RTVE wants to make it clear that the era of Rosa María Mateo is part of the past. With this idea in mind, they say that the company is working against the clock so that the launch of the new programming, scheduled for September 9, represents a “facelift” on RTVE. “It is a direct demand of the president José Manuel Pérez Tornero”, they assure in the public entity.

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