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Lorenzo Amor Says It Is Unaffordable To Pay On Average 200 Euros

After a week in which the electricity bill has not stopped rising, reaching record figures, finally, this Saturday, there is a decrease in the price of the megawatt, specifically 6%, standing at 110.14 euros. Despite this, Spain continues to lead, this time tied with Portugal and followed by Italy with 106.31 euros, among the countries with the most expensive electricity in Europe by far.

Faced with rising prices and the situation of instability, the Executive was forced at the beginning of June to, on the one hand, suspend the tax on electricity production, which is 7%, for three months, and, on the other, to approve Through a royal decree, the reduction of VAT on electricity from 21% to 10% until the end of the year for those consumers with a contracted power below 10 MW, something that completely excludes shops or services. In this way, organizations such as ATA, CEPYME or UPTA have asked the Government for an urgent intervention in the billing that they describe as “abusive”.

Ballast for the self-employed
Lorenzo Amor, president of ATA, assures that “the price that the light is reaching is a real scandal. It is a burden for many freelancers and for many small companies that at the moment are seeing an added cost in their production “.

He also comments that “on average, the self-employed paid 35% more in July for energy costs but, in August, with the heat wave and the rise in electricity, of course the bills “They are going to skyrocket. A self-employed person at the moment is paying on average between 200 or 300 euros more in energy costs than they did last year and this is an unaffordable cost for many of them.”

The president of ATA recalls that ” in Spain the self-employed and companies pay the most expensive electricity in Europe, with which many companies are losing competitiveness with European neighbors . The Government has to put a stop to this now and not blame others It has the ability, and so has Europe, to control electricity prices and therefore also has the ability to relieve the self-employed and companies of these costs that they are currently having. ” As he says, “it would be enough for the citizen, the self-employed and the companies to pay for the energy consumed.”

Along the same lines, UPTA urgently calls for a control of energy prices so that both private and self-employed consumers “are not the ones who suffer abusive bills as a result of the blackmail of the Spanish government by the electricity oligopoly .”

The organization also states that “the average cost of electricity for a small business in July was 20% higher than in June, and its electricity bill increased 40% compared to the same period last year. These costs are unaffordable for most businesses in our country, where a small self-employed worker is already dedicating 30% of the production costs of his business to pay the electricity bill. “

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