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How Can I Send WhatsApp Broadcast In Bulk Without Being Blocked

WhatsApp Messages

Think about just a few clicks to send thousands of messages to your clients. One of the main benefits of WhatsApp broadcast capability is that you may send messages to your subscribers and reply to each one separately. 

Continue reading to discover recommended practices feature restrictions and information on broadcasting with the WhatsApp Business API. 

This is a fantastic WhatsApp Marketing tool that might bring in some extra money each month for your online store. 

However, there are some users that abuse this platform since they don’t understand it and are banned by WhatsApp.

Running sale campaigns on social media is always expensive, especially when competing with eCommerce behemoths like Amazon, Flipkart, etc., whether it’s for a Black Friday sale, New Year’s sale, or any other special event sale.

What You Must Understand:

Numerous tools—both free and paid—promise to enable you to develop WhatsApp broadcast campaigns that let you send bulk WhatsApp messages to your clients with a single click, but the majority of them are scams.

There are certain limitations to using the WhatsApp API for broadcasting. WhatsApp wants to make sure that companies send only pertinent messages to their contacts and don’t spam them. 

And they employ two criteria—phone number Status and phone number Quality Rating—to ascertain whether that is the case.

WhatsApp Bulk: What is it?

Sending several messages to a group of recipients simultaneously using WhatsApp is known as sending “bulk” texts.

To prevent appearing as spam, you should adhere to WhatsApp’s terms and conditions while sending bulk messages.

If you take part in actions that go against these rules, your account can be suspended, which might have a bad effect on your company operations and harm your reputation.

What Does WhatsApp Broadcast Function Do?

Broadcasting is the idea of sending a message to many recipients at once from a single sender.

In the eCommerce industry, a business often employs platforms like Email and SMS to broadcast messages that are mostly promotional in nature. 

Every time there is a sale at the business, whether it is a black Friday sale, a Diwali sale, a Christmas sale, or for any other event, they send out a promotional message. 

This type of message is a “one-way” communication, but it works extremely well and generates a lot of sales.

That is what you would term broadcasting, which we refer to as the “WhatsApp Broadcast” function since we are doing it on WhatsApp.

But many eCommerce shops abuse it due to such nature. 

They continue to send a tonne of broadcast messages every day, and some even go so far as to collect people’s email addresses and phone numbers from unreliable sources before uploading them to email marketing or SMS marketing software and sending them out as a broadcast.

This is how things are being misused as a tool for advertising, and it is something we shouldn’t be doing.

Tips to Avoid Bans When Sending Many WhatsApp Messages:

You may take a few steps to prevent becoming blacklisted while sending WhatsApp bulk messages:

1. Use WhatsApp API or the official WhatsApp Business App.

In accordance with WhatsApp’s terms of service, WhatsApp Business and the WhatsApp Business API were created exclusively for enterprises to interact with consumers.

Both WhatsApp versions include tools that may be used to send WhatsApp bulk messages without having you blocked.

2. Before sending users messages, get their permission.

Before sending people bulk messages, make sure you have their permission since this is required by WhatsApp’s terms of service.

3. Honor the privacy of users

Keep users’ personal information private and only use it for the intended conversation.

4. Comply with WhatsApp’s instructions for sending mass messages.

WhatsApp has certain rules for sending bulk messages, including restrictions on the quantity and kind of messages you can send each day.

You prevent being banned, be sure to abide by these rules.

5. Apply opt-in techniques

You may utilize opt-in techniques, such as signing up for a newsletter or completing a form to get updates, to verify that users wish to receive messages from your company.

6. Keep track of your communications’ response rates

You will know users are not interested in receiving your communications if you discover a low response rate for your messages.

To prevent becoming banned in this situation, it is a good idea to stop sending bulk messages to these users.

Factors to Consider Before Sending a Mass WhatsApp Message

Tiers of WhatsApp Phone Numbers

A business’s ability to send messages and the services that are available to them on WhatsApp is based on the tier structure for phone numbers.

The following are the tiers:

Unverified Trial Tier: Send 50 unique messages to contacts in a 24-hour period and possess up to two numbers.

  • Tier 1: Own up to 25 numbers and send messages to 1,000 people each day.
  • Tier 2: Communicate with 10,000 users in a day.
  • Tier 3: Send messages to limitless users during a rolling 24 hours Tier 3: Send messages to 100,000 people in a day


A straightforward yet powerful WhatsApp marketing strategy is broadcasting. Start broadcasting to your clients with WhatsApp Business to gain an advantage over the competition.

We would probably have laughed in the corner if someone had told us a few years ago that WhatsApp would be a game-changer and transform the way businesses operate. 

The joke appears to be on us now, though.

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