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Alcampo Has The Best Honey In The Supermarket, According To OCU

Alcampo has the best honey in the supermarket, according to the OCU: characteristics and price. The institution has chosen between 18 different types of milflores. El Corte Inglés and Carrefour also achieve distinguished recognition.

Although it is a product that is more associated with winter and low temperatures, honey can also be consumed and bought in summer since its production is active throughout the year . A product on which the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has wanted to focus to grant a variety that Alcampo sells as the best in the market.

Of all the types of honeys that can be purchased in the various food establishments and herbalists, the OCU wanted to look at the variety milflores to carry out one of its latest analyzes. A class of this food that is the most consumed by the general public and for which up to 18 different samples from different chains have been used.

Almost a score of options to award Alcampo the first prize on the list. With the Alcarria DOP Multifloral Honey , the Spanish-French chain achieves this position thanks to a rating of 88 out of 100 possible points.

Features and price
Being very positive in tasting, botanical origin and freshness , the only aspect to overcome is its labeling. And is that the OCU considers this as “improvable”, since it does not provide all the necessary information. In addition, its price given its category is the other great attraction, since it can be purchased in the physical establishments of the company as well as on the website of the Auchan firm for 5.95 euros per half-kilogram pot.

A milflores honey that is included in those from La Alcarria (a region between Guadalajara, Madrid and Cuenca) and which is one of the most distinguished in Spain. Along with that of Galicia, the OCU is very strict in its assessment that all honeys must mark their origin, as stipulated by food regulations.

The OCU also values ​​the results achieved by El Corte Inglés and Carrefour
But in addition to that of Alcampo, the institution has also wanted to assess two other samples. They are those belonging to El Corte Inglés, which it classifies as a “master purchase” for its 3.25 euros , and that of Carrefour, which costs 7.09 euros .

Thus, while in the first premium it values ​​its good price coupled with its 100% Spanish character, in the second premium its labeling “from Galicia”.

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