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Digital Marketing Trends Every Business Should Follow in 2022

2022 has been full of highs and lows for many people who own a business. Additionally, many are unsure of what to expect from their company. Furthermore, several things are disrupting people’s businesses such as the cost of living crisis. 

The recession is going to hit soon. Many businesses won’t be able to survive however, some will thrive during this era. The cost of living crisis affects many people’s lives. It will also affect local and national businesses. 

It is time for businesses to start exploring different marketing avenues. The thing is, with digital marketing, there are many strategies that you can use to benefit your business. Nonetheless, they can be costly, meaning you have to be smart with your strategy. If you wish for your business to survive the recession.

Many multi-million pound companies will have their in-house teams that will focus on their brand only. Other companies will hire agencies to do their marketing for them. Other businesses will hire multiple agencies to use different marketing strategies. However, you need to know the marketing strategies benefiting companies in 2022. Here, we will look at marketing methods that you can use to keep your businesses going strong through the recession that is yet to come.  

Get More Engagement With Video Content 

There is no doubt that video marketing is benefiting a  lot of companies at the moment. Furthermore, people would rather get information from video content instead of having to read paragraphs of content. It is where TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube are thriving. Simply because many companies are turning to these platforms to advertise their products. 

If you start to think about the video content you can upload, consider your market to see what they want. Look at your first-party customers who have bought products from you already. Use their interests to develop video content surrounding their interests to attract more people who share similar interests. Third-party advertising is slowly dying out because of certain platforms and updates such as the iOS 14 update. Those updates affected many companies which is why they are looking at other platforms to advertise their products. 

Authentic Long-form Content 

Although video content is much appreciated by the user. Google still wants to see lengthy content about products and services. One thing you have to consider is that you need to make that user-friendly. A user doesn’t want to scroll past thousands of words to see the first product. They want to read short snippets, with the possibility to read more as well. The thing is, you can explain a product in a short paragraph however, you can go into the product and how to further the content on your website. Blog posts are also becoming a feature for many websites, especially fashion-based websites. They dedicate certain blog posts to showing how to style their men’s designer t-shirts for the autumn months. 

Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool as it can be used organically and for paid advertising. However, recent updates such as the iOS 14 update are making advertising difficult for many brands. That is why they are only prioritising organic social media at the moment as they don’t want to waste money for very little return. Additionally, there are many things you can do to ensure you keep people engaged with your brand. One of those things you can do is offer giveaways on your social media posts. You don’t need to do these constantly, just now and again so they will promote the brand for you. 


Finally, we have search engine optimisation. A digital marketing method that many think is outdated but many still believe in it. It is a great way to reach out to people who are looking for a specific service, product or information. If you optimise your pages for relevant keywords, not only will you be attracting more traffic to your website? You will also be reaching out to qualified people who are likely to buy from your brand. For example, if you are a luxury streetwear fashion brand, you need to ensure that you are reaching that audience for them to buy a product. 

To Conclude

Digital marketing is a great way to maintain your existing customers as well as attract new customers. The issue is that there are many forms of digital marketing which makes it difficult to choose which will benefit your business the most. Following these digital marketing trends will only help your business. We can confirm you won’t lose money, only gain it. Just ensure you keep up with algorithm updates to ensure your marketing is always on top. Good luck!

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