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From Past to Present, Fabrics That are Spreading Their Essence

khadi fabric

Do you know which is the popular Indian fiber? It is Khadi Fabric!

It is Khadi Fabric!

Shaping the formation!

India was earlier the hub of the textile industry, until the 19th century. Til the time Khadi Fabric came out of the mud after the American civil war, the crisis for cotton was there so they imported cotton at a much cheaper price. In reality, the reason was India was not having machinery and because of that, Britain took raw materials. Later on, re-imported the finished fabric, and with this people started boycotting foreign clothes.

This word is derived from the word khaddar. It is a natural fiber especially hand-spun and woven. Self-sufficiency was initiated by Mahatma Gandhi also known as Swadesh, as at that time the struggle for freedom was going on. He was also the founder of AISA, All India Spinner Association. And the first piece ever was manufactured at the Sabarmati ashram during 1917-18. Khadi Fabric is made from cotton, but it may also include fabrics such as Silk or wool, that is later spun into the yarn on a charkha.  

Versatility is its biggest quality that keeps you cool in summers and warm in the winters. Moreover, many traditional wears are made out of this fabric such as dhoti, kurta, handloom sarees, tussar silk, puttapaka saree, and many others. Furthermore, there was a moment when Gandhi threatened to remove khadi altogether. But as the people who were weaving would have starved without work, soon he started spinning in Mumbai and encouraged others. Patti charkha was invented at that time, which was done by double-wheel design, just to increase the speed.      

Simplicity is slowly taking a u-turn!

Soon after, it became the most popular fabric amongst the villagers as it was easier for them, to make and wear. Khadi Fabric has evolved with time and today also it maintains the balance between modernity and culture. Designers like Sabyasachi, Ritu Kumar, Rohit Bal, and brands like Nature Alley, and Fab India, are promoting khadi clothing.

Not only this but now Khadi day is also celebrated on 19th September. Above all India’s national flag is also made from Khadi Fabric. 

Class and Comfort!

The lightest and most famous fabric around the globe, because of its purity and elegance it reflects. 

Kota Doriya is a fabric that reflects all the cultural diversity in one single piece of cloth. It is a woven fabric with diverse square patterns, crafted in a check pattern on silk, cotton, or sometimes a blend of both. It is hand woven on traditional looms, especially in Rajasthan. Pure Kota Doriya can be recognized by looking at the fabric, as each thread can be seen differently. The blend of both fabrics gives the final product durability and a classy look.    

Although there are no such particular marks of its origin, still a story has been heard that Jhala Zalim Singh, who was the army commander of Kota, brought weavers from Mysore to Kota in the early 17th century. Those artisans had the art to wove small square shapes on fabric. In the first place, these were traditionally used for turbans and later on for sarees. 

In particular, the Ansari community claimed that they were earlier warriors. Later on, became weavers and have been practicing this art. With the technology change, weavers have switched to machines and the real essence which used to come from handloom now has been lost. Moreover, with this, another disadvantage is that several replications have been made. This puts the customers into a dilemma about which is real and which is its replicant. 

But to give some ease, a mark is left on pure Kota Doriya.      

Do you know?

The Fashion industry is also switching its way of dressing to pure fabrics. And Kota Doriya and Khadi are on top of their list. Recently, actresses Sonam Kapoor and Kangna Ranaut were spotted wearing khadi attires. 

We have a surprise for you!

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