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Handmade From Fabric

Your buddy is bringing a lovely, gleaming present wrapped in crimson paper and tied with a silver ribbon. While standing in another section of the room, you keep an eye on the scenario. You’ve been preparing this DIY fabric gift for her for weeks, and now she can finally open it.

You know she’ll love it as soon as she sees it, and your heart will begin to hurt with joy. Giving someone a gift is enjoyable in and of itself, but isn’t it much more rewarding to give something you produced yourself? Have you put forth a lot of effort on something? Is there anything you believe she’ll keep forever?

Giving homemade presents over the holidays (or any other time of year) is wonderful, but it may be time-consuming, particularly during a hectic season. Gifting something you’ve produced doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are 5 quick and simple DIY gift ideas that may be made in 30 minutes or less.

1. Fabric storage bins

These fabric purses would make a nice handmade festive present. They’re easy to create and may be used for anything from cosmetic supplies to food storage. I produced around 6 of these simple DIY crafts for my kids’ teachers, and they utilized them right away, thanking me for allowing them to become more disciplined. This lovely sewing project should be on your DIY festive gift list if you enjoy sewing. 

2. Easy Flannel fabric Blanket Designs

Do you enjoy receiving flannel gifts for festivities? I know I am, and I want everyone on my shopping list to have a flannel festive, too. Last winter, I crocheted a simple flannel fringe blanket that we’ve used all year. Following on from last year’s blunder, I created a new batch of simple flannel throw blankets as the ideal Do It Yourself homemade festive present for every member of the family this year. They are comfortable and pleasurable to wear, and their lovely designs and trimmings make the stack seem lovely even while not in use. Everyone in your family will appreciate snuggling with one.

3. Create a quilted fabric tablet case with a secure zipped compartment.

Tablets and e-readers are becoming more important in your children’s academic growth. My sister received an Ipad as a festive present, however, the majority of them do not come with a protective cover. I loved my iPad and wanted to make a cover for it as well as a zipped area for my headphones for this DIY project. Even I bought some quilted fabric from Fabriclore, and it turned out to be a nice cushion for the iPad. I slipped it beneath the tree on a festive morning after wrapping it in a ribbon and adding a tag that read, “God bless you” Every year, I make at least four of these since they are one of the most popular and well-received festive sewing presents.

Buying fabric from stores can be efficient but i try to buy them from online wholesale fabric suppliers as they are easy to order and save my time. 

4. Kimono 

The kimono is one of my favorite outfits because of its flexibility and almost universal size. My heart went out to my mother and sister, who were running around the house in only hose jackets. They were overdue for an update, and the best and most unobtrusive way to get them what they needed was with a gift. A do-it-yourself sewing project completed with exceptional care by their adored daughter and sister. They wore their worn-out robes all day on a festive morning. They wore them over jeans that afternoon and looked like Fleetwood Mac rock stars from the 1970s. This stylish kimono shirt would make an ideal handcrafted festive or birthday present for any fashion-forward friend or family member. What you see is what you get, and it even includes instructions!

5. Scarf from scrap fabric

Instead of purchasing everyone a store-bought present this year, I’ve chosen to create something personal for every one of my loved ones and friends using my sewing machine. My aunt may benefit from an additional pocket for items such as her phone, cards, and keys. Especially on days when she doesn’t want to carry her large handbag. She will wear any piece of clothes with zipped pockets. The Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo were recently conducted, and she lacked a proper pocket to put her accouterments. My pocket scarf is an original creation of mine. Because there are occasions when the rear pocket of your pants is insufficient. Your phone, a hot/cold pack, some cards, and maybe even a pair of light keys can all fit in the scarf’s compact pocket. When you don’t have much space, this is an excellent method to keep the necessities protected.

I tried to make scarves from chiffon and georgette fabric as they are little bit sheer and can easily be carried.

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