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Digital Marketing Trends Every Business Should Follow in 2022

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2022 has been full of highs and lows. Furthermore, many people and businesses have had no idea what to do or expect. One thing that is going to happen is marketing trends will evolve and change. 

Businesses are finally starting to get on their feet and then the recession hit which only means one thing sales are going to be down. More people will be pushing their marketing to see if they can grasp that competitive advantage using a range of new and innovative methods. 

Many businesses have their in-house team of marketers. In reality, if you want something done well, it is best to leave it to the professionals. Many companies will instead hire a marketing or branding agency in Manchester or Leeds based as they provide some of the best talents in the UK. 

This article will go through some of the top digital marketing trends every business should be adopting in 2022.  

Get More Engagement With Video Content 

If there is one form of content that is taking the world by storm is video content. Video marketing is well known to get the most engagement from your audiences, whether it is prospective clients, people who need relevant information or you as a business providing brand awareness. 

If you start to create a well-thought-out video, you will get more engagement with your potential customers. The likes of Instagram, TokTok, Facebook and LinkedIn are all great platforms for showing your video content, but you must be on relevant platforms for your business. You don’t want to be fashion-based video content on LinkedIn. 

Authentic Long-form Content 

Short snippets of content are simply not enough in 2022. Google now wants long-form content that has a purpose for relevance. In 2021 it was all about 3-minute reels on TikTok. This year, it is all about writing articles at least 1,000 words long up to around 7,000 words. Sharing topics that interest your customers is a sure way of getting your customers to your site and purchasing something. The content could be a social post, a blog, or an email, showing the knowledge behind your expertise is just as important as the product or service these days. 

More Featured Snippets

Featured snippets have been like little gems to SERPs in recent years and have become increasingly popular with many agencies and businesses. When users have a question about anything, they will often go straight to Google and click on the article or website that has the most relevant answer to their question. Sometimes though, if the question is that relevant, you may find the answer in a paragraph before any of the SERPS. It is a featured snippet. If you are using these snippets, ensure that the content shown entices the user to go onto your site. 

Add A Conversational Chatbot To Your Site With AI 

Chatbots were completely useless until recently. They didn’t know how to answer your questions and were definitely in their learning phase. In recent years, chatbots have come a long way and can seriously help the customer service of your business. 

Instead of using the basic chatbots, use a conversational chatbot where users cannot tell that it is a robot speaking to them. One of the best examples to give of a conversational chatbot that works is Amazon as they offer a lot of help quick and this is what customers want, quick and relevant. 

Voice Search 

With mobile devices and voice search becoming more popular, it is only natural for businesses to follow this trend. Small businesses can benefit from this as not every company provides voice search which gives smaller businesses a competitive advantage.  

If you are online and provide voice search, there is a good chance you will be discovered via voice search in 2022. An ordinary method of doing this is by providing answers to frequently asked questions from customers. For this, you must make it conversational and detailed.

User Experience

User experience has not always been at the forefront of web design. With how society is and human behaviour, it is only natural when people visit your site. Everything should be easy to find. If a site is difficult, a user will likely leave your site and visit another site. 

UX is not only about having relevant content for the users or even a simple layout, but it is all to do with site speed, visually appealing, mobile friendly and safe website to use. If you have great UX then there is no reason why users will want to go to a competitor.  

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been around for a couple of years and has taken the world by storm. There has not been anything like this before. It is the one thing that is helping some businesses grow and flourish. The reason why companies use influencer marketing is they increase brand awareness. 

For this reason, adopting an influencer marketing strategy is a great investment for your business. To start, aim for influencers with around 20,000 followers and then move forward from there. The reason for this is if you target influencers, they can be expensive. Additionally,  the interaction you may get from these influencers may result in your business not being able to cope with the influx in business.

SEO and Keywords

SEO and keyword strategies are no quick fixes, but they should be aligned with your marketing plan as this is a continuous and ever-changing process. SEO has been around for a long time, but trends and algorithms change constantly so it is best to speak to professionals when it comes to SEO as it is very time-consuming and will take you away from your everyday business.

To Conclude

Many new trends are coming out and it is hard to keep up. It is essential to understand that not every trend or strategy will be suitable for your business. Play it to your advantage and adopt strategies that will impact your business.

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